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Suggested Next Steps


Federal Government

  1. Secure final commitment of Superstorm Sandy recovery funds for resiliency, water quality and wastewater infrastructure.
  2. Ensure Support the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Nitrogen Reduction Strategy for the restoration of Long Island Sound watersheds and coastal embayments.
  3. Create federal mandate for “point of sale” returns of expired and unused pharmaceuticals.

New York State

  1. Ensure the successful drafting, management, and funding of the Long Island Nitrogen Action Plan (LINAP).
  2. Assure LINAP is integrated with related State, County, and local clean water efforts including the NYS-funded Long Island Aquifer Study in particular.
  3. Support the State Water Infrastructure Act to access funding for wastewater projects that address water quality
  4. Establish a recurring revenue source for water quality and water infrastructure needs.
  5. Expedite completion and implementation the New York State Pesticide Management Plan and pursue a ban on the most toxic and frequently found pesticides from further use on Long Island.
  6. Establish new regulations to address the growing water quality impacts of illegal dumping and vegetative waste processing that have been identified as a major threat to Long Island’s water supply.
  7. Enact incentive programs to reduce and eliminate pesticides and Household Hazardous Wastes.
  8. Establish and promote local/regional programs to enhance safe disposal of pharmaceuticals
  9. Expand programs for municipalities to promote green infrastructure for the management of stormwater runoff.

Nassau and Suffolk Counties

  1. Establish funding to incentivize decentralized wastewater systems for residential and commercial use.
  2. Secure Federal, State, and County funding for the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) Ocean Outfall Pipe and nitrogen removal.
  3. Repair the Bergen Point Sewage Treatment Plant’s “under-bay” outfall pipe
  4. Establish regulatory standards to govern the use of denitrifying residential wastewater treatment technologies
  5. Enact incentives to reduce and eliminate pesticides and products that are considered household hazardous waste.
  6. Advocate for the implementation of top IBM Smart Cities Report recommendations for Suffolk County.
  7. Develop a “Responsible Management Entity” to monitor and manage water quality.
  8. Repeal/replace Local Law 39-2011, granting the Suffolk Legislature control over the Comprehensive Water Plan.


Local/Town Level

  1. Extend the Community Preservation Fund with a new water quality improvement component.
  2. Energize and mobilize local communities to embrace the innovative solutions for improving water quality.
  3. Support the development of local water quality improvement plans 

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