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What You Can Do

Helping to Improve Proposed Clean Water Legislation

Senator LaValle and Assemblymember Sweeney have convened a broad-based group of water quality experts, organizations, suppliers, managers, regulators and businesses to discuss their draft legislation and to consider modifications and additions that would improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed clean water legislation.

Members of the Clean Water Partnership have been invited to participate in this effort. In the coming months, we hope to work cooperatively to craft effective and inclusive legislation that reflects the input of Long Island’s many water quality stakeholders. Such an inclusive bill will have the best possible chance of passage by the New York State Legislature, and the best chance of protecting our water resources for the future.

As a member of the partnership, we will keep you posted on clean water progress and let you know how, when and where you can help advance the cause of clean water in your home, your community and all the way up in Albany. It’s crucial that your elected officials hear from you about the importance of clean water for Long Island. They need to know you support specific, measurable actions that will assure a healthy and sustainable future for ourselves and for Long Island’s beautiful coastal environment.

This is an exciting opportunity. Now is the time to let your elected leaders know how important clean water is to you, your family and your Long Island way of life. Click here to send a letter.

To join the partnership now, click here. We will make sure you know about every major clean water action event, issue, or legislative action that you can learn more about or participate.